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16 Infidels on the Horizon
In Egypt, King Cassius saw no threats to his crown, but elsewhere the challengers were rising

18 King David and the Black Bull
The Bible, Luis Rodriguez dreamed, was on his side, but in the harsh reality of the ring Emile Griffith won

22 James Bond's Golfing Caper
England's supersecret agent contends with more than one bad lie as he outwits a gold-happy villain on a golf course

26 Running is Such Sweet Torture
Miler Tom O'Hara is unbeatable—almost—and there's the rub. Like most trackmen, he is beset with doubts

32 The Longest 90 Feet in Baseball
Getting safely to first, the big challenge for every batter, is dramatized in striking color photographs

38 Busiest Voice in a Busy Clan
When energetic Gladys Heldman isn't publishing World Tennis or nurturing family champions, she throws a party

60 The Lost Heroes of Touring
Motoring was an unpublicized sport until a Pittsburgh man wanted to get out of town and Emily Post hit the road

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8 Scorecard
48 People
50 Sporting Look
54 Motor Sports
56 Baseball
59 Boating
73 Baseball's Week
74 For the Record
75 19th Hole

Cover painting by Bob Peak

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Next week

The 64th U.S. Open is played at Congressional Country Club in Washington. The on-course action that won and the strategy that helped are described by Alfred Wright.

The master of match racing, Corny Shields, reveals the paradox of sailing duels: get behind the other boat to control him before the start, then get in front of him to win.

John Dos Passos reminisces about fishing with Ernest Hemingway back when "Old Hem" baited sharks, coveted a submachine gun and had not yet faced up to fame.