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A baseball quiz to test the ingenuity and add to the knowledge of both the casual fan and the armchair expert

? In 1961 the Pittsburgh Pirates finished sixth after winning the pennant the year before. Has any team had a worse drop after a pennant-winning year?

•Yes, the Philadelphia Athletics won the American League pennant in 1914 for the second season in a row and then came in last in 1915. The 1917 Brooklyn Dodgers and the 1934 Washington Senators both finished seventh after winning pennants their previous years, and the 1918 Chicago White Sox, the 1919 Boston Red Sox and the 1932 St. Louis Cardinals all equaled the 1961 Pirates by coming in sixth after pennant-winning seasons.

? In 1963 10 pitchers won 20 or more games in the major leagues. When was the last previous season in which there were more 20-game winners?

•In 1951 there were 13 pitchers who won 20 or more games. The National League had seven—Larry Jansen (23) and Sal Maglie (23) of the Giants, Preacher Roe (22) and Don Newcombe (21) of the Dodgers, Warren Spahn (22) of the Braves, Robin Roberts (21) of the Phillies and Murry Dickson (20) of the Pirates. The American League had six—Bob Feller (22), Mike Garcia (20) and Early Wynn (20) of the Indians, Ed Lopat (21) and Vic Raschi (21) of the Yankees and Ned Garver (20) of the old Browns.

? Did 1951 have a record number of 20-game winners?

•No. In both 1903 and 1920, there were 17 major league pitchers with 20 or more victories.

? Dick Groat of the Cardinals led the major leagues last season with 43 doubles. Has anyone led his league with 60 or more two-base hits in one season?

•Yes, five players. In 1936 Joe Med wick of the Cardinals set a National League record with 64 doubles while in the American League, the same year, Charlie Gehringer of the Tigers hit 60. Paul Waner of the Pirates had 62 doubles in 1932, Earl Webb of the Red Sox 67 (the American League record) in 1931 and George Burns of the Indians 64 in 1926.