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12 Anything Boys Can Do
...the "old men" of the Vesper Boat Club could do better. They beat two great college crews

16 Crusade in the Valley of Sin
Tony Lema overcomes the harsh hazards of fabled St. Andrews to score a dazzling victory in the British Open

20 Walter Hunts in Earnest
Even if the Dodgers fail to win the pennant, their boss has already collected some trophies of his own

22 All I Ask Is a Tall Ship
A look in words and pictures at the last of the towering vessels that once crowded the oceans of the world

30 How I Know What They Will Throw
Bob Turley, baseball's No. 1 spy, reveals the many telltale habits by which pitchers give themselves away

34 Scotch with a Little Water
Bobby McGregor, a dour Scot who would rather fish than swim, is favored to win the freestyle sprint in Tokyo

46 Swordfishing's Odd Economics
In 600 inaction-packed hours, 32 anglers revealed why their sport is expensive, frustrating—and fascinating

50 One Dame Beats Another
Hollywood helps a halfback named Shirley MacLaine elude the whole Notre Dame team on a touchdown run

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5 Scorecard
38 People
42 Bridge
44 Baseball
46 Fishing
48 Chess
49 Golf
61 Baseball's Week
62 For the Record
63 19th Hole

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Next week

The smallest man in pro football, Tommy McDonald, tells the story of his rigorous boyhood, college feats and bruising pro apprenticeship. The first of two installments.

Trotting's big daddy, George Morton Levy, did not invent harness racing. He just found it where it had always been and made it a major sport, now celebrating its 25th year.

The 46th PGA is held in Columbus, where Arnold Palmer will try for the big one that has eluded him, while local boy Jack Nicklaus and hot Tony Lema try to see that he fails.