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Walter Hunts in Earnest


Whether his Los Angeles Dodgers are basking in the sunshine or shivering in the shadows, Owner Walter O'Malley is likely to be somewhere hunting big game. Last fall, with the Bums astride the world after a four-straight Series victory over the Yankees, O'Malley headed for Africa, hired white hunters from the prestigious firm of Ker, Downey and Selby, Ltd. to accompany him and disappeared into the wild Bechuanaland bush. Native runners armed with forked sticks brought out tales of his prowess, but not until last week did the full story emerge. With the Dodgers resting comfortably three steps above the National League cellar and Walter once again on the prowl—this time for polar bear in Norway—pictures taken by his son Peter on last year's African safari were released for the first time. They revealed a startlingly Hemingwayward O'Malley in a Dodger cap proudly posing with a kill that included: one near-record sable antelope with 50-inch horns (left) and (on opposite page) a hyena no longer laughing, a lion, a waterbuck and a Cape buffalo.