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An Old Story: the Giants and Tittle

Ever since last Dec. 29 a heated argument has raged in the East over the NFL championship game. If, Giant rooters insist, Y. A. Tittle (see cover) had not reinjured his fragile knee, that wintry day in Chicago would have turned to summer in New York. Coach Allie Sherman gambled on a tottering Tittle rather than take a larger risk and go with rookie Glynn Griffing. He lost, but it is a gamble he is going to repeat this year—and once again he expects to go all the way with Y. A. Once again, too, the target of Tittle's deep thrusts will be Del Shofner (right, No. 85). The Giant medium-range attack (see following pages) looks relatively bland, but old pro Frank Gifford and Dick James, an import from Washington, will spice it when it is—say—third and eight. And for three yards, there is still dependable Alex Webster.

Sure-handed Frank Gifford (left) beats most defenders on Tittle's short passes, provides useful complement to Giant ground attack.

Speedster Dick James, a small (5 feet 9, 182) back, obtained from Redskins, bolsters Giant running game and adds punt-return threat.

Alex Webster, in his 10th year of pro football, is still the Giants' key inside runner.