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28 To Fight or Not to Fight
Should Clay and Liston meet again? At a ridiculous convention a ridiculous body debates an academic question

32 Winning a Barrel of Beer Money
A brewery holds a world golf championship, and foreigners learn what the U.S. knows: the man who beats Palmer wins

36 A Slippery Ghost Spooks "Eagle"
In win after win, Constellation blasts the hopes of her once triumphant America's Cup rival

38 Bright Shine on an Old Shoe
After a decade of tournament tennis, Roy Emerson has earned the title of world's best amateur player

Pro Football 1964

44 A YEAR OF CHANGE that brings problems as well as prosperity to both leagues

47 SCOUTING REPORTS: A study of the New York Giants and the gaudy gamble taken by their coach, Allie Sherman; followed by an analysis of every club in the NFL and AFL

76 GREEN BAY BLOCKS TO WIN: The best offensive guards in pro ball show how they work

96 ZERO OF THE LIONS: Ever wonder what it would be like to quarterback a pro team? George Plimpton tried it

The departments

19 Scorecard
86 People
88 Motor Sports
92 Horse Racing
124 Baseball's Week
125 For the Record
126 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by James Drake and Neil Leifer















Next week

Teen-age miler Jim Ryun, improving by the month, is one of several borderline track, men who may make the team in the Olympic trials next week. A portrait by Ted O'Leary.

Is he a kook or is he a superhorse? His performance in The hambletonian, trotting's premier event, will decide that about oddball Ayres, already a record-breaker at 2 and 3.

A Texas wolf hunt is—like a Virginia fox hunt—more social than savage. Jack Olsen, with ears wide open, listens for the sounds of hounds and the tall tales of Texans.