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18 The High End of a Seesaw
Carleton Mitchell discloses the "little things" that, in combination, made Constellation the America's Cup boat

22 Lure of the White Noise
That is what Jack Simes III hears on his racing bicycle. It may lead him to an Olympic medal

26 Hut—Two—Three...Ugh!
Rawest rookie George Plimpton calls his five plays for the Detroit Lions and retires from pro football

36 Getting to the Game in Style
In Seattle they assault the Husky stadium by land, by sea and by air, and they dress appropriately for all

46 A Boy with a Man-size Task
Jim Ryun, the 17-year-old who last June broke the four-minute mile, must fight for a spot on our Olympic team

54 The Hambo Winner Had a Stand-in
Before the race an imposter filled Ayres's stall, but Johnny Simpson drove the right colt on Hambletonian Day

66 Sounds of a Texas Wolf Hunt
The howls of the wolf across the Texas prairie send dedicated men and baying hounds off into the night

The departments

8 Scorecard
45 People
46 Track
54 Harness Racing
58 Swimming
77 Baseball's Week
78 For the Record
79 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson

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FALL ANNUAL: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents its ninth college football special. This will be a season of running backs, and Artist Frank Mullins paints a gallery of the best of them. Dan Jenkins reports on new trends and the 11 Best Elevens; then follow scouting reports on most of the others. Edwin Shrake tells of a photographer responsible for those wild pictures of high-striding halfbacks and madly diving linemen. John O'Hara provides a distinguished story of an aging All-America. Also in the issue: all of the news reports and regular features.