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A quiz on Grand Prix racing to test memories and increase the knowledge of casual fans and armchair experts

? Besides the U.S. Grand Prix, which takes place at Watkins Glen on Oct. 4, how many other Grand Prix events count toward the world driving championship?

•Ten: the Monaco, Dutch, Belgian, French, British, German, Austrian, Italian, Mexican and South African Grand Prix.

? In what year was the first U.S. Grand Prix held?

•In 1959.

? Who won it?

•Bruce McLaren of New Zealand.

? Has any American won the U.S. Grand Prix?

•No. But Dan Gurney in 1961 and Richie Ginther in 1963 finished second.

? Has any driver won the U.S. Grand Prix more than once?


? Since the start of the U.S. Grand Prix, has any driver won that race and gone on to win the world championship?

•No. The closest was 1962 World Champion Graham Hill of England, who finished second in the U.S. race, 9.2 seconds behind Jimmy Clark of Scotland.

? Is Phil Hill the only American to have won a championship Grand Prix?

•No. Dan Gurney won the French Grand Prix in 1962 and 1964.

? What is the only make of car to have won the U.S. Grand Prix more than once?

•Lotus, built by Colin Chapman, has won the event three times. Lotuses were driven by Stirling Moss of England in 1960, Innes Ireland of Scotland in 1961 and Jimmy Clark in 1962.

? What remarkable physical feat was undertaken by Driver Jack Brabham in the 1959 U.S. Grand Prix?

•His car—a Cooper—having run out of gas 800 yards from the finish line, Brabham decided to push it that distance by himself. He finished fourth in that race but won the world championship anyway.