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In college football the loudest cheers are still reserved for the runners who can whirl through a crease of daylight and explode into a clear field. These are the men who provide the college game with moments of almost unbearable excitement, and in 1964 there will be a lot of them. It is appropriate, therefore, that such players should introduce the Sports Illustrated college football issue. Some of the best are shown in Frank Mullins' paintings on the following pages. Others are described in Dan Jenkins' season forecast (page 41), which includes the annual choice of the 11 Best Elevens. Scouting reports occupy more than 30 pages (46 to 77). And on page 78 Edwin Shrake presents a word picture of a football photographer, Jim Laughead, that may well be worth 1,000 of the latter's photographs.

Illinois' Jim Grabowski is a relentless, pounding runner who strikes through the line, lunging and twisting for extra yardage.

When Gale Sayers runs, there are explosions. The Kansas senior is a blur of shifting speeds-whirling, long-striding and always on balance.

A deft opportunist, Mike Garrett of USC bewilders tacklers with his quick footwork, then turns on a burst of speed to bypass them.