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18 To Tokyo by Inches
U.S. track men, sparkling in their final Olympic trials, will be overwhelming favorites in Tokyo

22 Shining Hour for Golden Boy
In his first start in two years, Paul Hornung led Green Bay to victory and his own vindication

26 A Sad Day for Baseball
The full account of the Boston meeting that approved the American League's sell-out to show business

28 A Leg Up on a Good Heart
An international group of experts agrees that running is the best exercise for young—and old

College Football 1964

36 A Runners' Year: a portfolio of the best in color
41 ...And Auburn Runs the Most: plus the 11 Best Elevens
46 The South: Eagle Over All
52 The West: A Husky Reign
56 The Southwest: A Royal Place
60 The East: High on the Hill
66 The Midwest: Hail to the lllini
72 Small Colleges: Ring that Bell
78 The Mad Hatter in Photoland: a master of the cliché
107 Saturday's Tough Ones: picks of the week's games
108 The Tackle: A short story by John O'Hara

The departments

11 Scorecard
88 People
90 Bridge
93 Tennis
96 Motors
98 Baseball
115 Baseball's Week
116 For the Record
118 19th Hole

Cover painting by Frank Mullins

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Next week

Sailing for glory and a battered "ouldmug," Constellation and Sovereign meet off Newport to contest for the America's Cup. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED will report every tack.

War in the South is declared next Saturday when Ole Miss meets Memphis State in the first big college football game of the year. Dan Jenkins reports on these bitter rivals.

A satiety of rabbits awaits the hunter who dares visit San Juan Island. The hunting technique is out of this world, and a hunter has trouble keeping his feet on the ground