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20 Vikings on the Move
The baby of the NFL has matured in its fourth year and now is the highest-scoring team in the league

26 Out in Front with a New Look
A brash band of young Yankees clowned—and played—the Bombers back into the lead

30 Less a Race than a Rout
Carleton Mitchell reports on one of the saddest fiascos in America's Cup racing

40 Hippety Hop and Away We Go
San Juan Islanders hunt rabbits in a unique way—with bunny buggies, salmon nets and whiskey breaks

64 The Nightmare of Spook Murphy
The coach of the Memphis State Tigers dreamed of upsetting mighty Mississippi, but he awoke to disaster

76 A Fresh Setting for the Davis Cup
Cleveland, not Forest Hills, will be the scene of this week's Challenge Round between Australia and the U.S.

80 He'll Never Leave Ohio
Doyt Perry is not known nationally, and he couldn't care less; he is the country's leading football coach

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15 Scorecard
59 Bridge
62 Golf
64 College Football
72 Golf
76 Tennis
98 For the Record
100 Baseball's Week
102 19th Hole

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Next week

The Olympic Games are the principal concern of our Oct. 5 issue. John Underwood assesses U.S. chances, charts all the events (and picks the winners). Gilbert Rogin, just back from New Zealand, discloses some startling new facts about Runner Peter Snell. Other stars are presented in a 15-page photographic portfolio. Finally, Antiquarian Alexander Eliot describes the not always splendid Games of the Greek past.

The World Series preview adds up the factors in the pennant races, weighs them against each other, throws in such intangibles as morale—and then presents a reasoned prediction.