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22 Miracle in St. Louis
After a wild week of shifting fortunes in the National League, the Cardinals finally came through

28 Cool Win in a Crowded Glen
Before a record turnout England's imperturbable Graham Hill took the U.S. Grand Prix

30 Brute with a Love of Violence
Linebacker Dick Butkus, who looks forward to mashing ballcarriers, is keeping Illinois at the top of the Big 10

40 Makings of a New Pro Dynasty
With good young backs to complement the arm of Johnny Unit as, the Colts are back in the championship business

46 Where the Antelope Play
The miseries of stalking antelope on the Montana plains can be happy memories to the successful hunter

66 Two Shoestringers Jolt the Jet Set
The world land-speed record is broken twice in three days by two of the Salt Flats' longtime losers

74 Six Dreary Days—Then Saturday
For English soccer fans that is the way the week is divided. Jack Olsen tells the story of their addiction

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15 Scorecard
57 People
58 College Football
65 Golf
66 Motor Sports
68 Horse Racing
72 Bridge
93 Baseball's Week
94 For the Record
95 19th Hole

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Next week

The world series pits those old rivals, the Yankees and Cardinals, against each other. A report from William Leggett and the best pictures of play in St. Louis and New York.

The Olympic games begin in Tokyo, and Jack Olsen describes the color and excitement of the opening ceremonies and the last-minute fun and drama that preceded them.

To destroy clay is the goal of former champion Floyd Patterson. Floyd explains in a frank first-person story why he feels that way and also why he hopes Clay will beat Liston.