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22 Fresh Faces in an Even Series
As the teams went back to St. Louis, many of the leading performers were players young in years or experience

30 Cut 'em Off at Forward Pass
Badman Woody Hayes ambushes his most fervent imitator—Illinois, that is—with an aerial attack

34 A Flashy Beginning in Tokyo
Despite doves, gongs, B-girls, shoplifters and politics, the first Asian Olympics are off to a good start

42 "I Want to Destroy Clay"
Floyd Patterson tells why he would be vicious against Cassias and why he hopes Clay beats Liston

72 Stretch on the Firing Line
The extraordinary qualities of new fabrics made a radical change in trap and skeet clothes

76 Buffalo Bill Was a Piker
There were a lot more buffalo in Colonel Cody's time, but his record one-day kill was only half of Bud Basolo's

84 My Quarry Eye to Eye
After 40 years of angling, Roderick Haig-Brown takes an underwater look at fish and discovers how little he knew

The departments

17 Scorecard
62 People
64 Pro Football
68 College Football
72 Sporting Look
76 Hunting
82 Bridge
99 For the Record
100 19th Hole

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Next week

The Olympic Games are in full stride and, from Tokyo, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S task force reports on the week's events in track and field, swimming and diving, and a dozen other sports. Stories by John Underwood and others, plus up-to-the-second photographs and illustrations in full color.

"We'll win again," says the Celtics' star forward, Tommy Heinsohn, as Boston begins its pursuit of its eighth straight championship. Heinsohn's own story opens a special section in which SI scouts all nine NBA clubs. Frank Mullins contributes action drawings that illustrate assets and flaws.