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Belz Opticians in Manhattan specializes in glasses for shooters and swimmers

For the past 25 years Master Optician William H. Belz has combined his two favorite pursuits—shooting and optometry—by designing and creating glasses to meet the specific needs of shooters, hunters and other sportsmen. His establishment, Belz Opticians, is located at 15 East 40th Street, New York City.

One of Belz's specialties is the prescription lens for underwater masks. Because water pressure increases with depth, the lenses have to be unusually thick, approximately half an inch. They are ground from hardened glass, and each circular lens is about¾ inch in diameter and cemented onto the plate glass in the mask. The lenses cost from $15 a pair, depending on the prescription, and can be fitted to most diving masks on the market today. Sky divers who must have accurate vision to do precision jumping can have thinner lenses attached to their goggles in similar fashion.

Hunters and shooters are advised to use specially tempered protective shooting glasses. Belz lenses are annealed to give the eyes maximum protection from bouncing pellets and other hazards. Their Sharpsite lenses are a skillfully blended combination of green and yellow; the yellow produces added sharpness and the green helps to cut the glare. Their Britesite lenses are canary yellow and bring both gunsights and targets into extraordinary sharpness. The metal shooting frames are designed to hold large, wide-angle lenses that eliminate rim obstruction, and one can never look over the tops or edges of the glasses once they are fitted by the optician. The frames are gold-filled and noncorrosive and have a plastic perspiration bar of original design that prevents the lenses from fogging. Shooting glasses with Sharp-site and Britesite lenses start at $20.

For farsighted clients shooting glasses can be equipped with segments that will enable the wearer to see the gauge of the shells, the caliber of the cartridges or to see better in the delicate work of tying flies. For pistol-packing senior citizens Belz's innovation is an added sight segment in the upper outer portion at the correct shooting angle of 45°. A special segment is added to enable the client to shoot with both eyes open.

A new pair of glasses recommended for skiers, sailors and fishermen has front and rear visors, double hinges and side shields. This protective model is especially good for windy-day outings and costs $18.50.

All the work is done in laboratories on the premises. Upon request a detailed questionnaire will be mailed, and Belz himself will choose the correct glasses for your sporting requirements.