Half-time pomp usually is a fall phenomenon reserved for football fans, with big bands and girls twirling batons. Half time at a basketball game traditionally has 15 minutes of nothing. Now something is being done about that nothing. At schools like Brigham Young, Toledo and Butler University in Indiana a second show starts at intermission. Butler's 24 Half-Time Honeys (preparing at right for a "June Taylor Dancers" number) have a new routine for every home game. The Honeys are chosen by audition each fall and receive partial scholarships; a Honey who makes it into the eighth semester gets a full scholarship. Many are dance students. Their performances fall short of Rockette precision but are splendidly enthusiastic—as the following pages confirm.

The Half-Time Honeys rehearse the "Chimney Sweeps" dance number from the "Fantasy of Mary Poppins" show put on between halves of Butler's recent game with St. Joseph's.

In a swirl of color, Sandra McDevitt, who plays Mary Poppins, brings a magic touch to the half-time extravaganza.