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18 A Startling Invasion of Women
They came in droves to the first combined AAU indoor championships, and they were as good as they were comely

20 A Young Man with Three Heads
Dave DeBusschere, at 24, has three important jobs in sport's major leagues and fills them well

22 Raggedy Go at the Garden
The Westminster is rough on a dog, but Ch. Fezziwig Raggedy Andy enjoyed some fringe benefits

26 A 360-degree View of Life
A hunter in Vermont and a skier in Idaho build round houses as sporting lodges

30 The Mouth and the Mitt
Talkative Big Julie Isaacson and his talkative tiger, Ernie Terrell, talk up a storm before their big fight

38 Little Pal on the Dead Run
Six days in the ever-hectic life of a basketball referee, a man who moves faster than the teams he watches

52 The Rise and Fall of the Phillies
William Leggett recounts the strange story of the worst collapse in baseball history. With color photographs

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8 Scorecard
44 People
45 Track & Field
48 Golf
49 Horse Racing
50 Bridge
64 For the Record
65 Basketball's Week
67 19th Hole

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Next week

A world challenge will be met by U.S. skiers in a series of meets that begins this month at Vail, Colo. Dan Jenkins tells what to expect in the most exciting races of the winter.

A Boasting Busher was one of Ring Lardner's characters. His real-life counterpart, Dean Chance, has proved he is as good as he says he is. A revealing study by Mark Kram.

The blue hole is a mysterious gap in a lonely Caribbean reef. The rotten timbers of an old Spanish ship lure treasure hunters like Coles Phinizy, who find little but keep returning.