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26 A Bullet in the Rockies
Racer Billy Kidd leads the U.S. as the world's best skiers attack American slopes

32 The Agony of Lefty Driesell
Unbeaten in its conference, Davidson lost its chance to play for the national championship

36 Take the Boy out of the Country
Dean Chance sometimes acts like the brash busher of fiction, but he is the best pitcher in baseball

44 Tarpon of the Jungle
Surrounded by hibiscus, orchids and chattering parrots, Artist Tom Allen paints acrobatic 100-pound fish

50 Racing Beneath the Peaks
A veteran racegoer rounds out his experiences at the mountain-flanked tracks of Phoenix and Arcadia

60 The Little Old Ladies Miss a Bet
And so did a lot of other Californians when they let Hill Rise go off at 12 to 1 in the Santa Anita Handicap

68 The Ghost in the Blue Hole
Divers have probed for a decade at a mystery wreck on a desolate reef finding little but ever searching

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17 Scorecard
56 People
58 Tennis
60 Horse Racing
62 Hockey
66 Bridge
83 For the Record
84 Basketball's Week
88 19th Hole

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Cover Photograph by Neil Leifer



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The toughest shot for a golfer to master is a long iron. Tony Lema shows how some new concepts of the golf swing can be applied by every player to help with these testing clubs.

NCAA basketball champions of the past are analyzed and compared with the best of this season's contenders to determine who has what it takes to win the title in Portland.

Wet-looking clothes that keep you dry are the result of the latest trick that science brings to sportswear. John G. Zimmerman photographs the colorful wet look in Florida.