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20 A Stone's Throw to a Playdown
A cool young Wisconsin rink, winner of the U.S. curling championship, tries next for the world title in Scotland

24 Open Season on the Wolverine
College basketball's championship tournament begins with Michigan the team to beat

28 No Place to Wear His Crown
By winning the WBA heavyweight title, Ernie Terrell proved his right not to meet Clay or Liston

30 The Sweet Sound of Success
Joe Garagiola, a .250-hitting catcher who switched to broadcasting, has made it to the top in his new career

40 New Way to Play Long Irons
Tony Lema shows how some modem concepts of the golf swing make it easier to use the game's most difficult clubs

52 The Light and Shiny Wet Look
A glistening coating of vinyl converts waterproof sportswear into a comfortable, colorful fashion

70 Pickles and the Hosses of Greentree
At winter quarters, a loquacious groom and a taciturn trainer talk about their handcrafted Thoroughbreds

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13 Scorecard
52 Sporting Look
60 Horse Racing
64 Golf
85 Basketball's Week
86 For the Record
87 19th Hole

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Next week

A ski invasion by French and Austrian national teams brings to Vail, Colo. the year's biggest Alpine meet—an exciting test of America's racing progress. Dan Jenkins reports.

Sebring stands for the best in international sports car racing. Looking ahead to this year's event, Artist Allan Mardon portrays the place, the cars and the people in vivid color.

The deadliest sport of all is mushroom hunting. So contends Bil Gilbert, who describes his own cowardly approach to the game at which a man literally can nibble himself to death.