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20 The Power of the Press
This potent weapon smothered Michigan and won the UCLA Bruins another NCAA championship

26 A Love Affair with a Loser
Denver is flipping over the Broncos—the pro football team it almost lost

28 Oooh, What a Drawing Game!
And what a victory! An intrepid rink of Wisconsin curlers swept into Scotland last week and won the world title

30 They'd Rather Pitch than Hit
Completely abandoning the home run, the Dodgers gamble on speed and pitching to regain the pennant

38 Sport on the Shores of Eden
Beirut, capital of the Middle Cast's Riviera, is a new and lively destination for adventurous travelers

50 More Fun than the Watusi
San Francisco society jumps to the click-clack of an old children's game—dominoes

68 Fury at the Fronton
Jai alai now enthralls crowds in six Florida cities and is attracting players from around the world

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11 Scorecard
60 People
62 Golf
64 Horse Shows
66 Hockey
85 For the Record
86 Basketball's Week
87 19th Hole

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The 1965 masters is the scene of a classic confrontation between an established ruler, Arnold Palmer, and the strong young man who would unseal him, Jack Nicklaus. Gwil Brown writes of their plans and hopes, and assesses the chances of others. A gallery of color pictures shows some of the old masters, and Alfred Wright provides an up-to-date report on the most famous and dangerous of them, Ben Hogan.

King of the boos is Red Auerbach, coach of the Celtics. Basketball crowds murder him outside of Boston, but they can't stop him from winning. Gilbert Rogin tells you why.