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20 Decline and Fall of a Dynasty
The era of New York Yankee predominance in baseball is ending, and here is the real reason

26 Many Miles Apart
France's Michel Jazy, the new mile record holder, will go on vacation rather than meet Peter Snell or Ron Clarke

28 Sun, Scenery and Speed
These are the attractions of the Elkhart Lake, Wis. sports car racecourse, where weekend warriors compete

34 Hijinks at the Hee-haw Derby
The young horsy set of Cleveland needles the sport of kings with a point-to-point mule race

42 What a Perfect Friendship
Friendship sloop, that is. A love letter to the dumpy, dainty old sailboats built to haul Maine's lobsters

49 A Box of Browns and Rainbows
The Rio Grande rushes through a 40-mile New Mexico canyon, loaded with trout for the determined fisherman

64 Part Two: 72 Hours of Terror
The party of trapped climbers faces a morning of death and a night filled with one-eyed devils

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14 Scorecard
49 Fishing
57 Bridge
59 Horse Shows
60 Soccer
81 Baseball's Week
82 For the Record
83 19th Hole

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Next week

Golf's toughest tournament, the U.S. Open, is played in St. Louis over the longest course in its history. Alfred Wright tells how it was won, and how the losers struggled.

The finest crews in the country will vie for the IRA championship at Syracuse, but the best of all will not be in the race. A look at the fabulous Harvard eight and its coach.

The Great Wall of Boston, a 37-foot-high fence in left field, is a delight to hitters, frightens pitchers and hypnotizes the Red Sox into mediocrity. A report by Jack Mann.