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24 Two Blokes Shock the Slammers
The U.S. Open looked like a setup for America's long hitters, but a pair of foreign sharpshooters gunned them down

32 Murder at Le Mans
An American Ford expeditionary force was massacred as Ferraris won the big French sports car race

34 Championships Minus the Champ
A report on the collegiate rowing championships on Lake Onondaga and a look at the crew that wasn't there

42 The Great Wall of Boston
The imposing left field fence at Fenway Park charms hitters, scares pitchers and utterly ruins the Red Sox

56 A Bunch of the Boys
A group of bright high school track stars turns in some grown-up performances in California

68 Rockefeller and His Resorts
A portrait of an extraordinary creator of extraordinary places to spend a vacation

The departments

10 Scorecard
54 People
56 Track & Field
65 Bridge
85 Baseball's Week
86 For the Record
87 19th Hole

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Next week

A TENNIS BONANZA: an essay in color on grass court action, a lesson by Bill Talbert on how to serve, and a look at the Richey family of Dallas, for whom tennis is everything.

A Mission for L.B.J. takes Bayard Ashcroft to the Delaware Water Gap, and he relates his misadventures to Harvard classmate Phipps Piper in another of his ingenuous letters.

Hardest-Hitting of the Sneads is not Sam, the old plutocrat of the pros, but brother Homer, the older autocrat of the driving range, who rarely hides his provocative opinions.