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Yvette Vaucher of Geneva, Switzerland, along with her husband and a local guide, celebrated the centennial of the first successful Matterhorn climb by becoming the first woman ever to climb the sheer and icy north wall of the famed 14,701-foot peak.

Dave Palmer, of Bakersfield, Calif., never rides his bike on streets because "it's too dangerous." Nevertheless, he negotiated the 30 laps of the National Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Championships in Castle Rock, Wash. in 13:20.15 to win for the second straight year.

Jan Whitton, 14, of Center Valley, Pa. compiled 4,823.5 points to win the National Junior Modern Pentathlon title by proving his superiority in the skills of a 19th century military courier: horseback riding, pistol shooting, fencing, swimming and cross-country running.

Steve Faulk of New Orleans was voted the outstanding player and best sport at the National City Team Tennis Tournament held in Charleston, W. Va. Faulk was unbeaten in six singles and five doubles matches; his New Orleans team finished second overall.

Kendis Moore of Scottsdale, Ariz., a top contender for Donna de Varona's recently vacated role as No. 1 female swimmer in the U.S., swam into the record books with a 220-yard individual medley time of 2:36.7 that bettered the existing mark by 4.8 seconds.

Sharon Sites quit her job as a dental secretary, put her savings into a 25-foot sloop, Sea Sharp and—with only five months experience as a sailor to sustain her—sailed across 2,400 miles of ocean from Los Angeles to Honolulu in 40 days without radio or engine.