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14 September Song: Strain
The tension grew as the National League race entered September with six teams still fighting for the pennant

20 Dandies on the Danube
American athletes, triumphant in Budapest last week, were treated more as heroes than as enemies of Hungary

22 Make Way for the New Sellers
Jockey Johnny Sellers, long lost in a puzzling slump, has caught fire and is out to spread the blaze

34 Bench Warmers for Spectators
The best-selling stadium coat this fall is inspired by football's hooded bench blanket

40 Island of the Discreet Shudder
A spirited look at ultra-exclusive Fishers Island, one of the favorite resorts of the very rich

50 "I'm Going to Keep the Money"
Dave Marr's friends dubbed him Ronnie Runner-up and he called himself a dog—before he won the PGA

58 Sugar: Down but Not Quite Out
Ray Robinson, still stylish but oh so old, fights on in dingy places, chasing a dream that only he understands

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7 Scorecard
34 Sporting Look
44 People
49 Golf
50 Golf
54 Horse Racing
55 Bridge
69 Baseball's Week
70 For the Record
71 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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THE PRO FOOTBALL ISSUE: The game is bigger than ever, and the price of membership is going up. The NFL has admitted Atlanta for $9 million, the AFL has accepted Miami for $7.5 million. But amid the plenty there is a shortage of prime quarterbacks. Tex Maule tells how Coach Norman Van Brocklin's young Vikings might surprise Green Bay in the West and, with Morton Sharnik, scouts all the NFL clubs in a special section illustrated with color photographs of the stars. Edwin Shrake analyzes the AFL teams. George Plimpton, who has pledged allegiance to the Detroit Lions, writes of the superfan's fearful joys. Plus the weekly news and features.