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32 You're All Right, Pete
An 18-year-old schoolboy leads Britain's golf team to a rousing tie and a moral victory in the Walker Cup

36 The Weirdest Race Rolls On
The six-team fight for the National League pennant continues to be confusing, though the players like the Reds

38 A Hambo in the Gloaming
By the light of an Illinois moon, a long-shot colt won trotting's top prize after four heats

Pro Football 1965

40 As the old order fades away the young pros are coming on strong as owners, coaches and players
46 An analysis of the Vikings, followed by an appraisal of all the NFL and AFL teams, with color photographs
104 The celestial hell of the super fan is described by George Plimpton, a pro football addict

80 September in Sugarbush
A major eastern ski resort has discovered a sporting solution to the problem of what to do with snowless slopes

84 The Prince of Pittsburgh
With the Pirates back in contention, flamboyant Broadcaster Bob Prince is once again his old exuberant self

The departments

18 Scorecard
91 People
93 Golf
94 Fishing
103 Bridge
123 Baseball's Week
124 For the Record
125 19th Hole

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Next week

The college season begins. In the 10th annual football issue SPORTS ILLUSTRATED selects the 11 best elevens plus nine others that could make it to the top. Dan Jenkins writes about the year of the return to two-platoon football and the rise of the new In language, wherein passers throw a streak and blow it across the alumni stripe. There are action photographs in color of the year's outstanding backs and, in a controversial article, John Underwood extols college football and derides the pros' inferior brand of play. As always, there will be news and views of the week's big sports events and a full complement of features.