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College Football 1965

26 The guns go vroom! In color: action photographs of stars you will be watching during the next 10 weeks

33 ...and Nebraska has the guns. An appraisal of the season, its new language and the II Best Elevens

43 Scouting Reports: evaluations of the strengths and weaknesses of 210 major and small-college teams

94 The college game is best: a controversial huzzah for the collegiates over the pros

36 Arthur Was King for a Day
When Arthur Ashe upset Roy Emerson it looked as if he would win the U.S. singles title, but the dream soon ended

38 The Horse-show Whodunits
In a series of bizarre, unsolved cases, three people and 25 horses have been killed and a fourth person stabbed

112 Out Front: a Ribot and a Tom Fool
Between them, two well-bred colts have won 11 of 12 2-year-old races but have not met each other

122 Ritz Has a Cast System
His hotels are elite, but what is really special about Charles Ritz is the way he can fling a fly

The departments

21 Scorecard
106 People
109 Pro Football
112 Horse Racing
114 Baseball
116 Bridge
118 Golf
139 Baseball's Week
140 Football's Week
141 For the Record
142 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer















Next week

Dr. Quarterback might be a good name for Frank Ryan of the Browns, who has a Ph.D. in math. How he discovered he could not mastermind football is disclosed by Jack Olsen.

Bye-Bye bamboo is the sad song of sports traditionalists. Versatile, to ugh, spectacular synthetics—shown in color—are replacing pigskin, bamboo and canvas, hickory and gut.

The fun and color of college football erupt with the first big weekend of the season. From California to Virginia, pictures and reports on the best of the opening games.