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Next week intercollegiate football's annual uniformed warfare will burst across the nation for the 89th time. By New Year's Day, 25 million spectators will have seen games. Most will live and die with the home team, but they also will watch the ones at the top. None will be more visible than Nebraska, whose speedy team effort (left) should match the dynamics of the stars shown on the next pages.

In fast Nebraska backfield, Quarterback Bob Churchich hands off to Frank Solich as Halfback Harry Wilson [31] leads the interference.

USC's Mike Garrett (left) explodes through lines, is quick enough to outsprint secondary.

Fast and elusive, Halfback Nick Eddy (above) may be Notre Dame's best back in a decade.

Multitalented Wayne Trimble of Alabama can run, pass or—as here—catch passes equally well.

Quarterback Marv Kristynik operates behind a surging wave of precision-trained Texas linemen.

Michigan's Bill Yearby (75), a brilliant, highflying tackle, is too late to knock down a forward pass by Oregon State's unshakable Paul Brothers.