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Vivien Birch, an assistant librarian nourished by fruit, honey, oxtail soup and the desire to earn money for charity, walked the 54 miles from Brighton, Sussex, to London's Brentford in 17 hours 20 minutes, breaking the previous record for women by three hours.

Bud Gates, an Indianapolis car dealer, won the Sports Car Club of America national championship race at Indianapolis Raceway Park, driving a borrowed McLaren Elva at an average speed of 83.163 mph. He finished just seconds ahead of Charles Cox of St. Paul.

Barbara Peters, an Irving, Texas housewife and mother of two, set two world pleasure-craft records in the 37-49 cubic-inch class—the five-mile closed-course event (41.417 mph) and the one-mile straightaway (41.9 mph) at the Three Rivers Boat Races in San Angelo.

Ev Keeler, a pilot of DC-8s for Seaboard World Airways, led through three days of timed competition in his Schweizer 1-23G sailplane to win easily the New England Soaring Championship at South Barre, Mass. for the third time in the last four years.

Charles Linster, a gymnast from New Trier High in Wilmette, Ill. who heard a year ago that a marine had done 5,000 push-ups, has trained to beat the record ever since and finally did 6,006 in three hours 54 minutes under the supervision of his gym coach.

Dick McInnes, a 34-year-old carpet layer from Henderson, Ky., clung for 390 miles to a kite being towed behind a speedboat along the Ohio River, logging 11 hours 59 minutes in the air and bettering his own unofficial world record of three hours 49 minutes.