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The Pro Football Showdowns

22 Green Bay won its game with Baltimore and looked to an NFL title clash with Cleveland
26 In the AFL, San Diego has the weapons to win its championship game with Buffalo

28 A Plan for a Cup Caper
An enterprising Briton is out to win the Ryder Cup, even if he has to disguise the competitors

30 A Lost Weekend in Carolina
UCLA played back-to-back games with Duke and returned to California in need of consolation

34 Sportsman of the Year
In an environment of excellence, one man stood beyond all others in sport in 1965

44 In the Land of the Tiger
As a guest of the King of Nepal, Virginia Kraft rides a royal elephant into a fantastic hunting adventure

71 The Wretched Mess
That's the name of David Bascom's fishing periodical, a wacky sheet that combines humor with conservation pleas

77 The 1965 Silver Anniversary
New honors for 25 who played their last college football games in 1940 and have excelled in other fields since

94 Then My Arm Glassed Up
Novelist John Steinbeck, asked to write on sport, replied with a "non-essay" full of insight

The departments

13 Scorecard
84 Golf
88 Bridge
105 Basketball's Week
106 For the Record
107 19th Hole

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As pro football peaks in the championship games, Edwin Shrake reports the San Diego-Buffalo contest in the AFL, Tex Maule tells which team should win in the NFL.

The bowl season begins. Dan Jenkins previews the games between the conference champions that may, with a bit of far-out luck, decide conclusively which team is the best.

Symbols of protest at the University of California are beards, beats and demonstrations. But Alfred Wright reveals that the Berkeley campus is more complex than that.