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The Exumas are a chain of 365 islands dangling down the Gulf Stream 30 miles southeast of Nassau. Until recently they "were known only to a few yachtsmen, fishermen and scuba divers. But in the Bahamas the tourist push is outward—away from the cruise-ship crowd and the steel-band beat—and the so-called Out Islands are suddenly In. A charter yacht or an amphibious plane takes you, in hours or minutes, to the nearest thing to the South Pacific you will find in Atlantic waters. Starting with a Polynesian bikini, Suzy Smith (opposite) and Sunny Bippus (see cover) show you on the following color pages what to wear for island-hopping this resort season. Liz Smith tells what the Exumas are all about, beginning on page 37.

Bright Polynesian prints suit the South Seas setting of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Proprietor Joe Hocher's shirt has reverse side of fabric out, and Suzy Smith's bell-bottom pants match her bikini.

A one-shoulder bikini worn by Sunny Bippus has matching ankle-length pareu for covering up. The wrecked houseboat was bleached white by the Stocking Cay sun.

The glitter and the gleam of vinyl and silver are way-out looks for Out Islands resorting. Sunny Bippus' sailing jacket is of crystal-clear vinyl to reveal a tanned body.

Silver swimsuits of new aluminized nylon jersey turn Suzy and Sunny into flippered mermaids as they explore the Exumas cave where scenes of "Thunderball" were shot.

For sailing the Exumas, Suzy Smith wears featherweight fair-weather gear of nylon taffeta. Bill Burlingham's Beachcomber shorts are of another Polynesian print.

Sunny Bippus, an expert swimmer, spears a five-pound crayfish. Her long-sleeved, flesh-colored, belted wet suit is perfectly adapted to the warm Bahamian waters.


The flowered bikini worn by Sunny Bippus on the cover is $13. On the opening color page, Suzy Smith wears a cotton bikini ($12).

On the succeeding two color pages, Suzy (left) covers up with bell-bottom pants ($13). Joe Hocher's shirt is $9. The yellow swimsuit and pareu worn by Sunny Bippus are $18 each. All the Polynesian-patterned sportswear is by Kahala, a Honolulu firm. The women's clothes are at B. Altman, New York; Bullock's Wilshire, Los Angeles; Famous-Barr, St. Louis; Rich's, Atlanta. The man's shirt is at Bloomingdale's, New York; J. L. Hudson, Detroit.

On the two pages preceding this one, Sunny (left) wears a clear vinyl parka with solid color pockets and stripes, by Sylvia de Gay for Robert Sloan. It is $30 at Bergdorf Goodman, New York; Gidding-Jenny, Cincinnati; May Company, Los Angeles. The shimmering swimsuits are made of a new blend of nylon and aluminum by Du Pont. The two-piece suit was designed by Sylvia de Gay for Robert Sloan. It is $40 at Bergdorf Goodman, New York; Gidding-Jenny, Cincinnati; May Company, Wilshire, Los Angeles. The maillot was designed by Bill Blass for Roxanne, and is $40 at Bonwit Teller, New York; Bullock's. San Fernando. Calif.; Burdine's, Miami; Halle Bros., Cleveland.

The jacket and shorts worn by Suzy Smith (above) are by White Stag. The jacket is $8, the shorts $6 at Lord & Taylor, New York; Charles A. Stevens. Chicago (available March 1). Bill Burlingham's shorts are by Jantzen. They are $6 at Dayton's, Minneapolis; Frederick & Nelson. Seattle; Macy's, New York. The wet suit (right) is silk and nylon bonded to acetate. It is by Ulla and is $30 at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York and San Francisco.