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12 Champions of Winter
Pole Vaulter John Pennel and Figure Skater Peggy Fleming last week proved brilliant masters of their crafts

16 Royal Reversal in the East
The Cincinnati Royals were leading in pro basketball's Eastern Division after a decade of Celtic domination

18 Year of Drought in the West
While Florida had a pair of strong Kentucky Derby contenders, California had mighty little to offer

20 Where the Boys Went
Wherein the reader can determine winners and losers in pro football's player-draft war

22 Happiness is a Hippo Steak
With his aches gone and 50 pounds of weight, too, Billy Casper is thriving and winning on an exotic diet

30 A Knockout of a Champion
Bump into Steve Vehslage and he is likely to pass out. Yet, despite this, he is king of the amateur squash players

36 Turboprop to a Glacier
In France the newest thrill in skiing is to take an airplane to the top of a glacier for the glorious run down

52 Just a Guy at Oxford
A penetrating portrait of Bill Bradley, the former Princeton basketball hero, now a Rhodes scholar

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9 Scorecard
44 People
48 College Basketball
50 Bridge
51 Golf
64 For the Record
67 Basketball's Week
69 19th Hole

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24 Hours of daytona, a new event, opens the world championship sports car racing season. It brings to Florida top cars and drivers, and Barbara La Fontaine to cover them.

The brightest star in high school basketball is a crew-cut, medium-sized, handsome young man who could make any college team today. Frank Deford tells us who he is.

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