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20 Bravo for the Baron
A new, mellow Adolph Rupp has led Kentucky into the role of favorite for a fifth national title

24 An Exile's Racy Return
After a season's absence Richard Petty stormed back to capture the rich Daytona 500-mile stock car race

26 The Wind That Blew in Chicago
Cassias Clay was not all that was wrong when an Illinois commission reopened the title-fight hearings

28 An Old Dog and a New Trick
It took this retriever 11 years to teach his master how to recover a bird, but he finally managed it

30 Aches, Pains and Titles
The Pirates' Roberto Clemente is a three-time batting champion who is more famous for his ailments

42 No Blood and a Sweat of Money
The Brothers Feld introduced La Corrida Americana, which may lead to computerized bullfighting

52 Week of the Soaring Norse
The hosts won the FIS Nordics with a display of old-fashioned toughness and flawless style

64 Really the Greatest
Jim Jacobs' game is handball. He is so good that stars in other sports claim he could win at almost anything

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11 Scorecard
48 Golf
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52 Skiing
56 Horse Racing
58 Figure Skating
75 Basketball's Week
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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