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26 The $1,000,000 Holdout
A report on the Siege of Los Angeles, with Koufax and Drysdale on one side and Walter O'Malley on the other

30 Gentlemanly Game for Ruffians
Rugby, as they play it at California, has its own charm and is not a bad game to lose, as Notre Dame found out

36 Victory and Death at Sebring
Ford was the big winner in a tense, surprising finish to a race that claimed the lives of five persons

38 Downfall of a Stone-thrower
A North Dakota dentist tries positive thinking at a curling championship. Result: negative

40 Report on the Unknown Soldier
Criticized as a nonentity, baseball's new commissioner, General William Eckert, is learning his job the hard way

56 Is the Masters Fixed?
Not exactly, but the course so suits golf's Big Three that almost nobody else has a chance

68 The Green Elephant
It is grass, a universal sporting carpet and an ogreish status symbol

100 Fun Time in the Thirties
Pro golf had no millionaires, but it was full of characters back in those days when Sam Snead had hair

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20 Scorecard
83 People
84 Tennis
88 Skiing
90 Sporting Look
96 Boating
119 For the Record
120 19th Hole

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Next week

Paradoxical Cassius Clay, the best-known, most hated and least understood athlete, is the subject of a definitive five-part series by Jack Olsen beginning in the forthcoming issue.

The leading Jockeys and their riding styles fill a color portfolio that features today's hottest rider, Braulio Baeza, whose enigmatic personality is plumbed by Frank Graham.

An American challenger for the world Grand Prix racing-car championship is being built by two Californians. It is called the Eagle, and it is strictly red, white and blue.