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The woman who likes speed can now dress the part, for this summer's newest sportswear designs are inspired by track and turf. In California, particularly, much store is set by being one pace or one lap ahead, and it was in California that these pictures were taken—at Santa Anita, at Willow Springs racetrack and at Briggs Cunningham's new Costa Mesa museum of racing and touring cars. At right: Cindy Ferrare—wearing a geometric design derived from the victory flag—congratulates Bill Young, a Willow Springs winner in his Lotus Elan S-2.

Checkered sunglasses (with lens developed for the military) complement racing gloves.

A red silk duster, for fast driving in an open car, matches the color of ski goggles with rims of spotlight-red plastic.

Framed by vintage symbol of speed-wheel of a 1911 American Underslung—Carroll Roebke wears copy of actual jockey silks.

Dashing jockey caps, worn at Santa Anita, come in a whole stable of unbridled colors. Pinwheel caps are of hand-crocheted straw.

A racy favorite for footwear this year, transparent plastic is here adapted to the cut and style of a track shoe and a zippered boot.

Racing silks and mud jackets made by manufacturers of the real thing for jockeys will be worn as shirts or jackets by sports-minded women. These polka-dotted jackets shown at Santa Anita racetrack are even waterproof.


On the opening color page, Cindy Ferrare wears a nylon-stretch dress with black-and-white checkerboard-flag trim. By Gayle Kirkpatrick for Atelier, it is $30 at Bonwit Teller, New York; Joseph Magnin, Los Angeles; Neiman-Marcus, Dallas.

On the succeeding two color pages, Carroll Roebke (top) wears racing silk shirt by Clotheshorse. It is $45 at Bonniers, New York. The checkerboard sunglasses have Ray-Ban G-15 lenses. They are by Bausch &. Lomb, sell for $35 at Marshall Field, Chicago; Meyrowitz, New York; Neiman-Marcus, Dallas. The Kay Fuchs gloves are of stretch-nylon mesh and synthetic leather. They are $5 at Jordan Marsh, Boston; The May Company, Los Angeles. The duster worn by Dale Brown (center) is $85 at Adolfo, New York. The track shoes are $13, the zippered boots $20 at Capezio, New York. The raffia jockey caps by Veaumont are $6 at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York. The polka-dot caps of cotton piqué are by Therese Ahrens and are $6 at Abercrombie &. Fitch, New York. The knitted white sportswear worn with the caps is all by Geist & Geist at Bloomingdale's, New York.

The polka-dot mud jackets (left) worn by Cindy Ferrare and Dale Brown are polyurethane-coated duck. They are $25. The black-banded silk worn by Carroll Roebke and the check-sleeved shirt worn by Marty Koppenhafer are of satin. They are $45. All are at Bonniers, New York.