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20 A Crazy, Mixed-up 500
After wild confusion and heavy attrition, Indy's richest race went to an English "rookie"—or did it?

24 Space Shot by the Astros
The youthful Houstons, playing over their heads, had a giddy tour of the National League's first division

28 The Jab That Wiped Out a Smile
Tony Alongi's left earned him another draw with Jerry Quarry, whose co-manager turned somber for a change

30 Winning Son of a Dedicated Loser
Richmond Flowers Jr., Tennessee's double threat in football and track, may soon eclipse his outspoken father

46 A Gallic Blend of Old and New
Color photographs examine the new Longchamp, and Whitney Tower reports on France's leading horse trainer

65 Burk's Blinking Black Box
With few real rowers to work with, Penn's unpredictable crew coach decided to electrify his boat

76 Rule of Thumb on the Open Road
Hitchhiking is a sport that requires ingenuity, nerve and stamina in the never-ending duel with the driver

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11 Scorecard
62 Golf
65 Rowing
70 Fishing
93 Baseball's Week
94 For the Record
95 19th Hole

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Next week

The U.S. open is coming up. Alfred Wright discusses Olympic's challenge, Ken Venturi tells how to attack it and John Underwood writes of a club pro who gets into an Open.

The Belmont stakes takes on added significance this year as Kauai King tries to become the first Thoroughbred since Citation in 1948 to win the Triple Crown of horse racing.

Brain-picker Bill DeWitt, owner of the Cincinnati Reds, has been in baseball for 50 years. Bob Boyle describes the career of a man who is called both a skinflint and a genius.