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26 The Second Fastest Ever
Miler Jim Ryan came home all on his own, a tenth of a second off the world record and without a rabbit in sight

30 A Reckless Dash to Disaster
The big Indianapolis accident—here analyzed in words and color photographs—brings demands for change

34 Coweye Lost to The Establishment
Though most New Yorkers and all Hawaiians rooted for him, Kauai King failed to win the Triple Crown

40 The Cincinnati Brain-picker
Bill DeWitt, controversial owner of baseball's Reds, is a shrewd opportunist with an eye for detail

U.S. Open Preview

52 The Open returns to Olympic, where just 11 years ago Ben Hogan lost to Jack Fleck in a great golf upset

56 Ken Venturi, the touring pro who knows the course best, uses scale models to show how to play Quake Corner

96 Nobody feels more like a nobody than the country club pro who finds he has—gulp—qualified for the Open

The departments

19 Scorecard
71 People
72 Harness Racing
78 Bridge
80 Tennis
88 Lacrosse
113 For the Record
114 Baseball's Week
116 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Richard Jeffery















Next week

The twist in Yankee fortunes after Ralph Houk succeeded Johnny Keane as manager was phenomenal. Leonard Koppett analyzes the turnabout and explains the real reasons for it.

A happening with motors is the famed 24-hour automobile race at Le Mans, France. The brilliant cars, teeming crowds and props in pop art all mingle in colorful photomontages.

A home for Herons is sitting on a million dollars' worth of New Jersey oceanfront. Bil Gilbert tells why the residents of Stone Harbor have decided they prefer birds to cash.