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22 The Perils of Paralysis
The dawdling of golfers, both pro and amateur, is changing the nature of the game and actually endangering the sport

26 Here Come the Young Turks
An impressive group of youthful players has revitalized the moribund American League

32 Salty Sailor of Park Avenue
Industrial Designer William Snaith is a refreshing storm in the midst of New York's impersonal boulevard

40 America's Gritty Guinea Pig
To prepare for the Olympics, Marathoner Buddy Edelen is already torturing himself at high altitudes in Colorado

44 Wind Shirts: From Ski to Surf
A garment invented for use in the mountains has migrated down to the beaches and made a new hit

50 Manolo Is King, and a King Is Queen
Spain's Manuel Santana and California's Billie Jean King win Wimbledon singles titles for the first time

60 Babes in the Woods
Barbara La Fontaine joins some city-bred teen-agers for a two-week assault on the wilderness. First of two parts

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13 Scorecard
48 People
50 Tennis
56 Fishing
79 Baseball's Week
80 For the Record
81 19th Hole

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Next week

The surfing boom along the Atlantic coast draws Phil Edwards, the sport's top stylist, to Virginia Beach, where he discusses, and demonstrates in photographs, his unique skills.

In pro football it's the agony of summer training first, the ecstasy of fan worship later. Bill Charmatz paints Sunday's grid heroes as they sweat against the hot blocking sleds.

A muddy day in East Berlin put a damper on the regime's Olympischer Tag but, as Jack Olsen reports from the scene, a race was run and the result was alles in Butter.