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20 Smiling Jack Wins a Rough One
Scotland let the hay grow high, but Nicklaus hacked through it to win the British Open on an historic course

24 The Horse Race That Hoopla Built
A good race is not a good race if nobody knows about it, so Roosevelt mixes trotters, blondes and artichokes

28 A Working Wage for Amateurs
The six members of the U.S. Davis Cup team are now on a regular salary of $7,000 to $9,000 apiece

30 Riding the East Coast Surfing Boom
Californian Phil Edwards, world's best on a board, tries the Atlantic, where the sport is on a surprising surge

38 Sunday's Heroes in July
Artist Bill Charmatz paints the bruisers of pro football as they sweat to get ready for the long season ahead

44 Part 2: Babes in the Woods
Scared of bears and of being scared, the Outward Bound girls start their solitary vigils in the wilderness

68 A Muddy Day in East Berlin
A downpour threatened Olympischer Tag, but brooms and fires and sportsmanship made everything O.K.

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54 Pro Football
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66 Bridge
77 Baseball's Week
78 For the Record
79 19th Hole

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Glorious goodwood, the loveliest racetrack of them all, is shown in color and is described by Novelist Maurice Richardson right from the spot: a duke's back garden.

A lion on the hood of your car is a predicament not easily arrived at—or solved—but that's what happened to a group of Boston tennis players who went on an African safari.

Chief redskin Edward Bennett Williams, legal eagle and president of the Washington football team, has hired Otto Graham as coach in an attempt to get the Skins on the warpath.