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Chris Everest, 8, of Oklahoma City, in one day took three first places and two seconds in her age group at a local swim meet (including anchoring the boys' relay squad), then went out to hit three home runs in three times at bat for her winning girls' Softball team.

William Depperman, a Columbia pre-med student, won his second caber toss (a traditional Scottish game in which a log is thrown end over end), heaving a 14-foot 6-inch 150-pound telephone pole perfectly in the Round Hill Highland Scottish Games in Stamford, Conn.

Rolland Quimby, a Modesto, Calif. golfer competing in the Nugget Classic in Sparks, Nev., did not win the tournament but scored a hole in one to win a car and his weight—284 pounds—in silver dollars. "It's just as well I lacked the willpower to reduce," he said.

Larry Leake of Downey, Calif., who is 8 years old and 4 feet 3 inches tall, stands on a box to demonstrate trick shots at world pool tournaments. In June, after two years of playing billiards, he became the youngest advisory staff member of Brunswick Corp.

Walter Henderson, a Canton, Ohio 14-year-old, entered the 100-yard dash at the U.S. Track and Field Federation meet at Kent (Ohio) State and won, in a startling 9.5 seconds, just one-tenth of a second off the national high school record set in 1933 by Jesse Owens.

Lorraine Thomas, a Lockport, N.Y. housewife who began pitching horseshoes eight years ago, won her fourth straight New York women's title in her home town and will compete in the U.S. championships, in which she was third last year, in August, in Murray, Utah.