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10 A Time to Remember: 3.51.3
At Berkeley Jim Ryun broke the world mile record by two seconds in spite of blisters and a sore knee

14 When Emile Got His Irish Up
The clans turned out to see one of their own win a title, but a resolute Griffith was too strong for Joey Archer

16 Donzi Did and Donzi Didn't
Winner and loser, the big tough boats from Miami beat all the others around Long Island

18 Curtain for a Long Run
Jimmy Brown, pro football's greatest fullback, retires to plunge into a life filled with fresh challenges

26 Glorious Goodwood
The most beautiful racecourse in the world lies two hours from London, right in a duke's back garden

32 Bongo! for the Golden Cup
The biggest crowds and 16 of the best teams assemble in England to seek the world's soccer championship

36 Put a Lion in Your Tank
Some tennis players go on an African safari and wind up with the king of beasts on—and under—their car

54 A Legal Eagle and His Boy Scout
The Redskins have a new look with Edward Bennett Williams as president and Otto Graham as coach

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6 Scorecard
46 People
49 Golf
50 Dogs
52 Bridge
63 For the Record
64 Baseball's Week
66 19th Hole

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Next week

Baseball's best player, day in and day out, is—according to his professional colleagues—quiet Henry Aaron of the Atlanta Braves. Jack Mann examines the claim—and the man.

Grace and beauty blend with fierce competitiveness in the unique world of soaring. One element is disclosed in color photographs, the other in the story of a sailplane pilot.

The peerless matador of Mexico (many thought of the world) was the late Carlos Aruzza. His fantastic feats are described in a farewell tribute by Aficionado Barnaby Conrad.