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Marion Hart, 74, of Washington, D.C., who began flying 20 years ago and has clocked some 5,000 hours in the air since then, became the oldest woman ever to fly the Atlantic solo when she piloted a single-engine plane from Maine to Scotland in 15½ hours.

Jean Pierre Marquant, a 28-year-old ex-paratrooper from Nice, France, drank a lot of water, grew a beard and was nearly baked by the 130° temperatures, but he completed his 106-mile record walk across California's Death Valley in eight days.

Robert Schleihauf scored 474 out of 500 points in sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, squat thrusts and running to take the individual trophy and lead his team to the championship at the U.S. Marine Corps National Physical Fitness Meet in Quantico, Va.

Dick Schanks, 12, who swims for Seattle's Cascade Club, took .7 second off the national 110-yard backstroke record for his age group at the Northwest AAU championships in Tacoma, Wash. Dick already holds the 55-yard freestyle and backstroke records.

Doug Bull, a 12-year-old Miami sailor, took the Beacon Cup, symbolic of the Optimist dinghy world championship, with 7,315 points on 1-1-2-4-6 finishes on Miami's Biscayne Bay, while Peter Warrer, 13, of Denmark came in second in the 32-boat fleet.

Nancy Krebs, a pert 17-year-old blonde from Ripon, Wis., who has been trapshooting for six years, won the Wisconsin championship when she shattered 199 out of 200 birds, including 118 in a row. Miss Krebs is the first woman ever to take the state title.