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20 Locks vs. Boom Boom
Which means Green Bay's famed Paul Hornung is being challenged by the rich new boy, Donny Anderson

24 A Gallic Gauntlet on the Snow
In dominating the World Ski Championships, the French became the team to beat at the Grenoble Olympics

26 Hottest Team in Baseball
Inspired by their tobacco-chewing 33-year-old manager, the Reds have been on a rampage since the All-Star Game

28 Run-in with Rupp, then Texas
In Part 2 of his story. Bear Bryant tells of the clash that led him from Kentucky to A&M and probation

44 Something Fishy at Stonehenge
An American angler makes an honest man of Smythe-Preston, and an ancient Druid secret is nearly revealed

52 Knobby-legs Becomes a Star
A steady colt named Polaris won the Yonkers Futurity and became the Hambletonian favorite

60 A Nation's Midsummer Madness
France's 3,000-mile bicycle race is portrayed by Artist Jean-Jacques Sempé and Writer Jack Olsen

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9 Scorecard
48 Golf
51 People
52 Harness Racing
54 Golf
56 Commonwealth Games
75 For the Record
76 Baseball's Week
78 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Art Shay

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Next week

There are few trees and fewer hills in Forest Hills, but there is a lot of tennis. A study of The West Side Tennis Club, and Arthur Ashe, who reached stardom in last year's nationals.

Secret maneuvers behind the pro football merger are revealed by Edwin Shrake, who tells how John Brodie got his fabulous pay hike and why others nearly switched leagues.

To be a millionaire at the age of 3, the first in racing history, will be Buckpasser's distinction if he beats Amberoid, Buffle and other top colts running in the Travers at Saratoga.