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16 The Fabulous Brodie Caper
An astounding AFL plot to sign all NFL quarterbacks made the 49ers' John Brodie a millionaire

22 Buzzie and Big D Go at It
The Dodger pitching star and his general manager had a few words, but the result was happiness all around

24 Postures of a Peewee Prodigy
In her first golf tournament Beth Ralston, 10, had all the right moves, give or take a giggle

26 Hit 'Em Harder
In Part 3 of a series, Bear Bryant's helmet-busting football brings success and instant controversy to Alabama

40 Forest Hills
The Princess of Queens County will next week entertain the world's best tennis players—including Arthur Ashe

60 K.C. Has a Kid to Dream On
Rookie Jim Nash came to the Athletics in July, gave Kansas City seven straight wins and hope for the future

68 Shark!
In a fantastic undersea-adventure, Peter Gimbel swam freely among huge sharks off Montauk Point

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13 Scorecard
52 Golf
57 Horse Racing
60 Baseball
62 Harness Racing
79 For the Record
80 Baseball's Week
82 19th Hole

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Next week

The zany pirates are aiming at the pennant. If they win it, reports Jack Mann, nobody will be sure if it was because of or in spite of their controversial manager, Harry Walker.

No longer as hairy as a grizzly bear, a new breed of Irish tweed sportswear is on its way to this country. A preview of this old favorite in a lighter, more comfortable form.

Bonanza running is a new England specialty. Hal Higdon, once a marathoner, tells about jockeying for Top Prizes and all the family fun of a distance man's summer vacation.