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26 The Green Crusher
Green Bay opened the NFL season with a stunning victory over archrival Baltimore

28 Painful Search for a Pennant
The Dodgers ache and hurt, but they laugh, patch up their wounds and win ball games

34 A Muslim Ministers to a Southpaw
Cassius Clay, the cleric who fights, delivered a fierce but unconvincing sermon to challenger Karl Mildenberger

College Football 1966

36 The Coaches: In color, a gallery of winners
44 The Contracts: Coach Paul Dietzel tells his side
48 The Season: Alabama again tops the 20 best elevens
55 The Teams: Major and small-college scouting reports

105 A Forgotten Aussie Stirs the Memory
Unseeded Fred Stolle wins at Forest Hills as he and a horde of his countrymen destroy the U.S. Davis Cup team

110 Toughest Chicken Afloat
That's Hydroplane Driver Mira Slovak, a daredevil who is convinced he's a coward

116 The Great Mexican War of 1946
The fiery Jorge Pasquel tried to raise his league to the level of the majors by signing baseball's stars

The departments

21 Scorecard
100 Automobiles
105 Tennis
110 Boating
112 Horse Racing
135 For the Record
136 Baseball's Week
138 19th Hole

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Next week

Superbill vs. USC. That's one way to describe the week's top college game: Texas and Bill Bradley against Southern California. Dan Jenkins writes on the pressures and the game.

Say goodby to the .300 hitter, once a symbol of baseball excellence. Jack Mann offers evidence to show that batting is a dying art, and he details all the unhappy reasons why.

"NIX LAKS!" was the common cry during Clive Gammon's salmon-fishing trip to Norway's Driva River, but the Scotch flowed like the Driva and strawberries were in season.