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20 Supermen of Troy
Southern California was superlative; it had to be to beat Texas and its sophomore sensation, Super Bill Bradley

Agony and Not Much Ecstasy

26 After stopping the Pirates twice, the Dodgers seemed certain—sort of—to win the National League pennant

28 Despite a week of frantic, erratic baseball, the Giants were still hanging onto faint hope

32 When the Booing Stopped
Dallas' jeers turned to applause for the Cowboys as Don Meredith's brilliant passing destroyed the Giants

36 The High Rollers of Ruidoso
Out in Billy the Kid country big bettors abound when the richest horse race in the world is run

42 A Farewell to .300 Hitters
Night games, better pitching, scientific defenses and stubborn batters have changed the face of baseball

66 Knockdown for a Dowager
The 66-year-old Idem-class sloops are still the grandes dames of one-design boat racing

76 One More for the River
Scotch and Driva helps get two steadfast British fishermen through the awful heat of a Norwegian summer

The departments

12 Scorecard
56 College Football
61 People
62 Golf
66 Boating
73 Bridge
87 For the Record
88 Baseball's Week
90 19th Hole

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Next week

The Los Angeles Rams have a new coach and a new philosophy: wait till this year. Edwin Shrake prowls field, front office and locker room to see how the scheme is working.

The World Series will pit the inconsistent Orioles of Baltimore against the snarling survivor of the National League battle. An analysis of how the Series is likely to turn out.

The Last Mountain Man, aptly named Sylvan Hart has been alone in the wilderness of Idaho for 34 years. Harold Peterson describes Hart's 18th-century manner of life.