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1. NAVY (1-0)
2. PENN STATE (1-0)
3. ARMY (1-0)

Ever since last spring Boston College's Jim Miller had been working his team hard for the opener with NAVY. But, when the time came last Saturday in Annapolis, the big Eagles never had a chance. Coach Bill Elias had put in a new I to go with his pro-set, and Quarterback Jack Cartwright harassed the inexperienced BC secondary with flicking little passes to End Rob Taylor (he caught nine), while Halfback Terry Murray ran for one touchdown and scored another on a pass from Cartwright. The quick Navy linemen, meanwhile, blitzed from a wild variety of defensive fronts. They came at Dave Thomas, Boston's sophomore quarterback, in waves, and he never did get the Eagles in motion as they lost 27-7.

Not once did new PENN STATE Coach Joe Paterno let on that he had a secret weapon ready for Maryland. The Terps knew all about Quarterback Jack White, so it was no great surprise when he tantalized them with his slick rollouts and passes. But they never figured Penn State would score three safeties and beat them 15-7.

Army's new coach, Tom Cahill, got off on the right foot, too, against Kansas State. Tailback John Peduto ran 70 and 31 yards for touchdowns. Jim O'Toole, one of Army's alternating sophomore quarterbacks, threw a scoring pass to Halfback Chuck Jarvis, and Army won 21-6.

Colgate dedicated its stadium to old Coach Anjh Kerr and then drubbed Boston U. 34-0. VMI edged Villanova 14-13 while MASSACHUSETTS squeezed past Maine 10-7.


1. ALABAMA (0-0)
2. TENNESSEE (0-0)

For a while GEORGIA TECH'S Bobby Dodd might have had some second thoughts about his relaxed kind of football. Texas A&M, schooled in the "live tough" theory by Coach Gene Stallings, led Tech 3-0 at half time. Then Halfback Lenny Snow raced to three touchdowns, Sub Quarterback Larry Good passed for two and Georgia Tech coasted to a 38-3 victory. Stallings was furious. "I've never been so embarrassed," he fumed. "I never thought I'd see the boys quit on me. We're going to be a good football team if I have to run every damn one of them off!"

It is a rare occasion when the Big Ten and SEC meet head-on and, after what happened to Northwestern in Gainesville, it may become even rarer. FLORIDA'S Steve Spurrier had the time of his life against the Wildcats, as the Gators won 43-7. Other SEC teams did well, too. KENTUCKY parlayed its improved defense into a 10-0 win over North Carolina, MISSISSIPPI took Memphis State 13-0, AUBURN belted Chattanooga 20-6, VANDERBILT outclassed The Citadel 24-0 and TULANE upset Virginia Tech 13-0. In a conference game GEORGIA overtook Mississippi State 20-17 on Bob Etter's field goal.

Duke outscored West Virginia 34-15. VIRGINIA took advantage of Wake Forest's fumbles to win 24-10, while HOUSTON beat Florida State 21-13.


1. NEBRASKA (1-0)
2. NOTRE DAME (0-0)

Nebraska's Bob Devaney acted like a man who had just lost the national championship—again. His Huskers had beaten improved TCU 14-10 before 60,974 at Lincoln, the largest crowd in the state's history, but Devaney groused about his team's lack of speed and a "lackadaisical effort." He also was disturbed by the way the ambitious Frogs, once they began gang-tackling instead of playing pit-a-pat, had shut off Nebraska's attack in the second half. But he was happy with the defense. In the last five minutes Linebacker Lynn Senkbeil recovered a fumble, intercepted a pass and then bushwhacked TCU Quarterback P.D. Shabay for a 17-yard loss. "He killed us," wailed TCU Coach Abe Martin.

Michigan State's Duffy Daugherty was not complaining about anything. If Quarterback Jimmy Raye's passing was hardly devastating, the running attack led by Clinton Jones and Bob Apisa was, as State trounced North Carolina State 28-10. MICHIGAN'S Bump Elliott was happy, too. His Wolverines buried Oregon State 41-0 as Carl Ward and Dave Fisher each ran for two touchdowns, and Quarterback Dick Vidmer at last looked like the player everybody had forgotten he was supposed to be. PURDUE, with Bob Griese pitching three touchdown passes, ran over Ohio U. 42-3, while WISCONSIN held off Iowa State 20-10 and IOWA outscored Arizona 31-20.

Indiana and Minnesota, however, had troubles. MIAMI OF OHIO sandbagged the unsuspecting Hoosiers 20-10, and MISSOURI'S Gary Kombrink picked the Gophers apart with his unerring passes (eight for eight), Charlie Brown and Barry Lischner ran them ragged and the Tigers won 24-0.

Colorado unhappily discovered what MIAMI Coach Charlie Tate already knew. Tate has his type of team—swift, poised and terribly physical. With Quarterback Bill Miller throwing two touchdown passes to Wingback Jerry Daanen and an intimidating defense holding the Buff's strong runners to 46 yards, the Hurricanes won easily 24-3. Kansas got it, too, from TFXAS TECH 23-7.

Oklahoma's Jim Mackenzie, rooting home Wingback Eddie Hinton on a 63-yard punt return against Oregon, suddenly froze when Hinton dropped the ball on the Ducks' 30. But it bounced back into Hinton's hands, he continued on his merry way and the Sooners won 17-0. "If that ball hadn't jumped up into Eddie's hands, I would have," said Mackenzie happily.

Tulsa was up to its old passing tricks. Junior-college transfer Greg Barton threw for five touchdowns, as the Hurricanes stormed past Tampa 57-11.


1. ARKANSAS (1-0)
2. BAYLOR (1-0)
3. SMU (1-0)

The big game was in Austin, where USC and Texas performed on national television (page 20), but the big upset almost happened in Little Rock. It sounded like pure bravado when Oklahoma State's Phil Cutchin said, before his team played 18-point favorite ARKANSAS, "We may not be the smartest or quickest team in America, but I'll say this: if we can catch them, there's going to be some contact." There was. The aggressive Cowboys, stunting out of a raging 6-1-4 defense, actually outquicked the shocked Hogs and, with 14:21 to play, OSU had a 10-7 lead and needed only inches for a first down on the Arkansas six. But the Hogs stopped State's Bruce Scott cold. Then Quarterback Jon Brittenum began springing Wingback Harry Jones around one flank on quick pitchouts and passing down the sidelines to Fullback Eddie Woodlee. Pretty soon Brittenum rolled out from the 11 for the touchdown that bailed out Arkansas 14-10.

SMU'S Hayden Fry figured he had to find a way to keep Illinois' fast backs from going outside. So he prayed for rain (and got it), spread his defense to shut off pitch and option plays and hoped that Middle Guard John Lagrone and Linebacker Billy Bob Stewart would be able to protect the middle. They did—with 27 tackles between them—and the Illini backs rarely had anyplace to go. Quarterback Mac White ran for two touchdowns, sophomore Split End Jerry Levitas, the first Negro ever to play for the Mustangs, caught two scoring passes and SMU won easily 26-7.


1. UCLA (1-0)
2. USC (1-0)
3. STANFORD (1-0)

Take it from Pitt Coach Dave Hart, UCLA is better than last year, Quarterback Gary Beban is "the best" and Halfback Mel Farr, well, he is merely sensational. Hart reached these conclusions at first hand. The Bruins clawed his biteless Panthers almost to death, 57-14. Beban and Farr accounted for six touchdowns before they turned the action over to the scrubs. What does UCLA's Tommy Prothro think? He just grins and says, "It's pretty hard to evaluate things when they're so lopsided."

Washington's Jim Owens, whose offense has always been about as far out as schmaltz, surprised Idaho with passes, counters, options, draws and pitchouts as the Huskies won 19-7. CALIFORNIA, almost as resourceful, relied on long runs to whip Washington State 21-6. Wayne Stewart started WSU's downfall with a 71-yard pass interception, Don Guest ran back a WSU field-goal attempt 108 yards and Jerry Bradley sprinted 73. STANFORD, however, had to rally in the last quarter to overtake stubborn San Jose State. Sophomore Quarterback Gene Washington ran for a touchdown, then passed 31 to Bob Conrad for another, and the Indians won 25-21.

Wyoming's Rick Egloff caught Air Force with its pass defenses down and threw over it twice to give the Cowboys a 13-0 victory. NEW MEXICO's Rick Beitler did the same to Utah State, and the Lobos won 17-8.


THE BACK: Steve Spurrier, Florida's do-everything quarterback, wrecked Northwestern. He completed 15 out of 22 passes for 219 yards and three touchdowns, kicked two field goals, averaged 43.5 yards on four punts.

THE LINEMAN: Mike Reid, Penn State's 234-pound sophomore middle guard, blocked a punt for a safety, tackled the quarterback in the end zone for another, forced one fumble and recovered one in debut against Maryland.