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24 Battle for a Shot at the Birds
In the National League the issue still was in doubt, but in the other league the Orioles were ready and waiting

28 The Irish Launch a New Ara
Two brilliant sophomores led Notre Dame "out of jail," in Coach Parseghian's words, and into national prominence

32 Twice as Much Wreckage
The first world multihull sailing championships showed that a lot of hulls can mean a lot of trouble

34 Romance with Romeo
A $2 million pacer that was bought for $8,500 wins the Little Brown Jug and brings joy to Brooklyn

36 A Private Eye on the Rams
The team has lost much of its Hollywood glitter, but in the spy business it is all-pro

50 The Ducks Are Flying Again
California's Central Valley will provide the country's best waterfowl shooting in the best season of a decade

56 Lots of Fun with a Poison Pen
Clif Keane enjoys needling baseball players, but he has an ulterior motive for his insults

84 The Last of the Mountain Men
For 34 years a man named Sylvan Hart has lived an 18th-century life alone in the wilderness of Idaho

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103 Baseball's Week
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105 19th Hole

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