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1. NOTRE DAME (1-0)
3. NEBRASKA (2-0)

Notre Dame's win over Purdue (page 28) was overwhelming enough but nothing like MICHIGAN STATE'S 42-8 devastation of Penn State. Quarterback Jimmy Raye threw two touchdown passes to Gene Washington, Bob Apisa and Clint Jones ran for three more scores and the proud Michigan State defense splattered the young Lions all over Spartan Stadium. "We just stood around and let them taunt us," said Coach Joe Paterno. "It was our fault—not theirs."

Ohio State's Woody Hayes watched in wonderment as Halfback Will Thomas grabbed the opening kickoff, ran it back 91 yards and then fumbled on the TCU two. "That," said Hayes later, "was the honeymoon. He got married last summer and wasn't in shape to run 100 yards." But the Bucks, mixing sophomore Quarterback Bob Long's careful passing (12 for 14) with Fullback Paul Hudson's plunges, survived five other fumbles to beat the Frogs 14-7.

Hardly anyone gave MINNESOTA a chance against Stanford. End Ken Last, the best all-around Gopher, and Defensive Back Dick Seitz were out with knee injuries. So sophomore Chip Litten, Last's substitute, caught a touchdown pass, and Gene Hatfield, in for Seitz, intercepted two passes. Quarterback Curt Wilson pitched out to Dick Peterson for one touchdown, scored twice himself, and Minnesota took the game 35-21. Illinois had MISSOURI on the run, too, 14-0, but then the Tigers adjusted their defenses to contain the Illini's sweeps. They caught up in the last quarter and won 21-14 on Jim Whittaker's 60-yard pass interception with two minutes to go. Iowa was never in the game as Bob Grim got OREGON STATE going with a 59-yard run. The Beavers won 17-3. INDIANA took Northwestern 26-14 in a Big Ten opener.

Larry Wachholz, NEBRASKA'S tiny safety man and the country's second-best punt returner last year, had never run the ball back all the way. Saturday he did, 72 yards, to score, but Coach Bob Devaney was not happy. Although his defense held Utah State to no yards rushing, he complained, "When we rush for only 91 yards we can't consider our offense O.K." Nebraska won 28-7.

Devaney should worry. Among his upcoming Big Eight rivals is OKLAHOMA, which clobbered Iowa State 33-11. Sophomore Quarterback Bob Warmack threw two touchdown passes, and Wingback Eddie Hinton caught eight tosses for 203 yards and ran for 88 more.


1. ALABAMA (1-0)
2. TENNESSEE (1-0)

If all ALABAMA'S Bear Bryant had to worry about the rest of the season was a succession of Louisiana Techs, 'Bama would have its third straight national championship wrapped up now. The Crimson Tide rolled over Tech 34-0 as Quarterback Kenny Stabler threw two touchdown passes to Dennis Homan and ran eight yards for another score. Scrimmage over, the season begins Saturday when Alabama meets Mississippi.

Ole Miss was just about as good as it had to be against Kentucky. Tailback Doug Cunningham, the fastest of all the quick Rebs, darted for 111 yards as Mississippi won 17-0. But Coach Johnny Vaught was still not satisfied with his quarterbacking. Starter Jody Graves completed only two passes. TENNESSEE'S passing by contrast was much better. Quarterback Dewey Warren threw for two touchdowns, and sub Art Galiffa tossed for one while en route to a 28-0 win over Auburn.

Mississippi State learned first hand what SEC contenders fear: FLORIDA, which does not have to play Alabama, may be at least the second toughest in the conference. The Maroons had Florida in a 7-7 tie when the Gators suddenly exploded for 21 points in seven minutes. Their alert defenders picked off three State passes. Quarterback Steve Spurrier began to hit on his passes, Tailback Larry Smith ran like a demon, and Florida won 28-7. GEORGIA bombed VMI 43-7, and TULANE took Texas A&M 21-13.

It was no surprise when GEORGIA TECH'S crowd of good backs walloped Vanderbilt 42-0, but FLORIDA STATE had a shocker ready for Miami. Coach Bill Peterson figured the best way to handle Miami's Bill Miller was to annoy him with a light rush and concentrate on his receivers. The Seminoles forthwith intercepted four passes and upset the Hurricanes 23-20 on Gary Pajcic's 27-yard pass to Thurston Taylor.

"I kinda feel like a June bride," said CLEMSON'S Frank Howard before the Virginia game. "I know something's gonna happen, but I'm not sure what its gonna be." What happened was that Virginia's Bob Davis ran and passed for five touchdowns, and the Cavaliers had a 35-18 lead late in the third quarter. Then Clemson's little Jimmy Addison, who had his arm strapped up at half time, took charge. He passed to Wayne Bell for one touchdown, set up another with a pass and finally hit Bell with a 75-yarder to win for the Tigers 40-35.

Maryland's Lou Saban, who "released" four seniors after a loss to Penn State, got his first victory, over Wake Forest 34-7, while NORTH CAROLINA upset North Carolina State 10-7. But South Carolina lost again, to MEMPHIS STATE 16-7. William and Mary's Southern Conference title hopes went down the drain early. WEST VIRGINIA smothered the Indians 24-13 as Garrett Ford ran for 182 yards and scored twice.


1. ARMY (2-0)
2. NAVY (1-1)
3. DARTMOUTH (1-0)

Rarely had the East's major independents looked so feeble. After two weeks the Big Six had only four victories, and for some the worst was yet to come. Syracuse, which started the season with bright hopes, was soundly drubbed again, this time by UCLA 31-12. Quarterback Gary Beban ran and passed the big, slow Orangemen silly while the Bruins' 5-3 defense shut off Syracuse's runners. Not even Floyd Little's two late touchdowns, one on a 65-yard punt return, were consolation for Coach Ben Schwartzwalder. "We're just so inept," he said sadly.

Pitt expected to be beaten, and DUKE complied, 14-7, but not with the ease anticipated. Coach Dave Hart came up with a new defense for the Panthers, blitzing and using four safety men in an umbrella combination that discouraged Duke's passing game. But Fullback Jay Calabrese's winning 14-yard touchdown run finally solved the Pitt defense. Boston College was upset by OHIO U. 23-14 as sophomore Dick Conley ran 76 yards for a fourth-quarter score.

On what credit side there was, ARMY won its second straight for new Coach Tom Cahill, over Holy Cross 14-0 as alternating Quarterbacks Jim O'Toole and Steve Lindell led the Cadets on two touchdown marches. Mark Hamilton and Chuck Jarvis scored, and a tough defense did the rest. VILLANOVA beat Toledo 20-11, BOSTON U. polished off little Maine 20-7.

The Ivy League proved at least that it was master of the minors, if by unimpressive margins. DARTMOUTH, with two long touchdown runs by Safety Sam Hawken and Halfback Gene Ryzewicz, held off Massachusetts 17-7, while PRINCETON barely beat rallying Rutgers 16-12, and CORNELL had a time out-scoring tough little Buffalo 28-21. BROWN came from behind to whip Rhode Island 40-27, and PENN had to do the same to catch Lehigh 38-28. HARVARD and YALE had the easiest days. The Crimson battered Lafayette 30-7, and sophomore Quarterback Brian Dowling threw two touchdown passes to lead Yale past Connecticut 16-0. Only Columbia saw defeat. COLGATE, very much on the way up, mangled the Lions 38-0.


1. UCLA (2-0)
2. USC (2-0)

The season was barely under way, but already it looked like a two-team race between UCLA and USC in the AAWU. For a while last Saturday, however, use had its troubles with weak Wisconsin. Twice in the first half the Trojans fumbled away scoring chances, and almost every time Quarterback Troy Winslow took off on an option play he found himself face to face with Linebacker Bob Richter. USC Coach Johnny McKay soon fixed that. He changed blocking assignments and had a tackle take Richter whenever he shot toward the Trojans' strong side. This turned Winslow loose. Gratefully he threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Rod Sherman, and USC went on to win 38-3.

The other AAWU contenders were looking like noncontenders. Washington never got its heralded air game off the ground as the Huskies lost to AIR FORCE 10-0. Dark horse California outgained MICHIGAN, got more first downs but made too many mistakes. Quarterback Dick Vidmer picked the Bears apart with his quick passes (he completed 10 of 15) to Split End Jack Clancy, who caught eight, and the Wolverines won 17-7. But Bump Elliott had a good word for Cal: "They really come at you."

The first big game in the Western AC was no contest. WYOMING'S Dick Speights wrecked Arizona State's passing game with his early interceptions, and the Cowboys won 23-6. In nonconference play, BRIGHAM YOUNG took San Jose State 19-9, UTAH squeezed past Oregon 17-14, and KANSAS' young backs ran over Arizona 35-13.


1. ARKANSAS (2-0)
2. SMU (2-0)
3. TEXAS (1-1)

It is becoming clear that you can not completely silence Baylor's Terry Southall; you just try to muffle him a bit. Underdog COLORADO did just that, intercepting four of Southall's passes. The last interception, by Steve Graves with 51 seconds remaining, finally stopped Baylor as Colorado won 13-7 in the 79° evening humidity at Waco.

Rice was as unexpected a winner as Baylor was a loser when sophomore substitute Robby Shelton brought the Owls 80 yards to a score and a 17-15 win over LSU.

Before his game with SMU, Navy Coach Bill Elias admitted he had voted the Mustangs No. 1 in the nation. After the way SMU's defense corroded the Middies' ground game, Elias might have rated his hosts No. 1 in the world. Linebacker John Lagrone had 15 tackles as SMU won 21-3.

Another superlative defensive job was performed by ARKANSAS as the Hogs won 27-8 over Tulsa. Martin Bercher returned a punt 64 yards for one touchdown and Tailback Bruce Maxwell scored twice to give Arkansas its win. TEXAS beat Texas Tech 31-21 as Bill Bradley ran for two touchdowns, passed for another and quick-kicked 80 yards to the Tech one-foot line. Houston broke flashy Warren McVea loose on a 99-yard pass play and beat Washington State 21-7.


THE BACK: Virginia's gifted Quarterback Bob Davis set an ACC record by completing 26 passes for 316 yards. He ran for three touchdowns and passed for two others as the defenseless Cavaliers lost to Clemson 40-35.

THE LINEMAN: Notre Dame sophomore Jim Seymour, 6 feet 4 and bony, made a spectacular TV debut as he caught 13 passes for 276 yards (both school records) and three touchdowns in the Irish's smashing 26-14 victory over Purdue.