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22 Surge by the Tide
Alabama came from behind, then held on for dear life against an aroused and terrifying Tennessee

28 Successor Got the Message
After three straight defeats, the colt grasped what Baeza was trying to tell him and won the Champagne

30 Without Honor in His Own Land
Jose Torres retained his light-heavyweight championship, but he is still no true hero to his fellow Puerto Ricans

32 Wild Cards Tame the Tempest
In pro football's battle of the undefeated, the Cowboys' hurricane offense was blunted by the Cardinals

Pro Basketball 1966

40 Elgin Baylor is back in top form. Color photographs show his versatility, and frank Deford delineates the man

48 Scouting Reports chart the potential of all 10 teams

68 New Bombshell for Tennis
Tiny Rosie Casals, who hits like Little Mo and fights like forever, may be the world's best before long

76 The Most Famous Athlete in the World
Almost unknown in the U.S., Soccer Player Pelé is a demigod in Brazil and earns half a million dollars a year

The departments

16 Scorecard
58 College Football
63 People
64 Baseball
66 Fishing
68 Tennis
72 Golf
75 Bridge
91 For the Record
92 19th Hole

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