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22 An Upside-down Game
The vaunted epic clash between Notre Dame and Michigan State was most surprising for questions it didn't answer

28 Duel with Death on the Salt
In a maximum assault on the land-speed record, Art Arfons crashes at 610 mph

32 Billy Survives the Face-off
Casper becomes golf's leading money-winner for 1966 as Jack Nicklaus fails to catch him at Houston

38 If It Moves, Then Tape It
Injuries are a regular occurrence in pro football, and it is up to the trainer to glue the pieces together again

48 Untroubled Sport Called VAAGG
A proposal for a new way to play golf that is sure to outrage the very people it could help the most

71 The Boy on Bobby's Back
Detroiter Bryan Watson is not the NHL's best hockey player. He's just the best pest

84 A Wild Race to the Big Time
It is being run by stock car racing's Bobby Allison, who will smash cars with anyone

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13 Scorecard
58 College Football
68 People
71 Hockey
74 Pro Football
76 Bridge
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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Next week

College Basketball's Special Issue has the first close-up portrait of Lew Alcindor, all the UCLA sophomores in color, scouting reports and a study of the big-man problem.

Something has to give in pro football's NFL Eastern race as Cleveland fights it out with Dallas. Tex Maule reports the big game and tells how St. Louis is faring, too.

Hunting in Hungary, and Czechoslovakia and Rumania, too, is fine—if you're loaded, both with bullets and money. Charles W. Thayer tells the story of the status gunners.