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The blondes, the brunettes and the redhead on these pages are proof of a skiers' maxim: the best place to find good-looking girls from now till the Easter thaw is at a ski resort. These girls, skiers all, were photographed where they were discovered, at Snowmass, Colo. and Sun Valley, Idaho, wearing the new kind of lightweight yet practical gear the sport is developing around the world. The fashions are the best of the season from Norway, France, Italy, Germany and the U.S., all available here. Leading the international parade, Penny Street (facing page) wears a new American-made jumper at Sun Valley. It is tailored of a superstretch fabric that gives it the kind of fit stretch suits ought to have but seldom do. On the following pages stretch appears in other guises—knickers and a short jump suit from Norway, lemon-yellow pants from West Germany, a knicker suit from France. They prove another skiers' maxim—stretch has put more snap into skiing than anything since the rope tow.

FACING PAGE: Penny Street wears jump suit by Roffe of Seattle. Her companion at right wears racing pants, also by Roffe. The jump suit is $85 and the pants $50 at Hoigaard's, Minneapolis; United Sporting Goods, Los Angeles; Frederick & Nelson, Seattle, FOLLOWING COLOR PAGE: Ann Burrows' pullover by Sportsom of Norway, imported by Iselin, is $30 at Andel's Pro Ski Shop, Denver; Ski 'n' Things, Pittsfield, Mass. Roddy Bishop's jump suit, designed by Mich√®le Rosier of France for White Stag, is $90 at Princeton Skate & Ski Chalet, New York City, THIRD COLOR PAGE: Kathy McKeany wears Maria Bogner-designed parka and pants imported from West Germany. The parka is $74.50, and the matching stretch pants are $50. Both are at Buchmayr's, New York City; Pete Lane's, Sun Valley, Idaho; Elli of Aspen, Aspen, Colo.; Sporthaus Westwood, Los Angeles, FACING PAGE 55: Renée Manley's stretch jump suit is by Ljungberg of Norway, imported by Iselin. It is $60 at Sonneborn's, South Bend, Ind.; Troll Shop, Sugarbush, Vt. Her tights by Adler are $4, and she wears Carrera goggles. ON PAGE 55: Carol Siegel's sweater and helmet are imported by Beconta from L'Alpina of Italy. The sweater is $42.50, the helmet $7 at Codding-Wetzel, Reno; Oshman's, Houston; Russell Marina Chalet Ski Shop, Madison, Wis. Her knickers, imported from Ljungberg of Norway by Iselin, are $25 at Codding-Wetzel, Reno; Les Moise, Milwaukee. Her socks, imported by Beconta, are $10.

Season's new knicker suits are admirably suited to Ski-Doo tours of Aspen's high wilderness. Ann Burrows (far left) tops stretch knickers with Norwegian pullover. Roddy Bishop's knicker suit, designed by Michèle Rosier of France, is of dusty-pink stretch wool, has matching helmet.

Kathy McKeany (right) gets the snow scraped from her boots before beginning powder tour of Snowmass. Her West German parka of insulated Antron shows fine attention to tailoring that characterizes newest parkas. Shaped close to the body, it has side closing, mandarin collar.

At Sun Valley, Renée Manley wears skiing's newest short cut—a one-piece stretch jump suit from Norway over pink stretch tights and turtleneck, an outfit designed for comfortable spring touring. Her aviatrix-style helmet is the last word in skier headgear.

Trim stretch knickers like these, also from Norway, are another new ski short cut. Carol Siegel, photographed at the Sun Valley international team races, wears them with a sweater and helmet knit in a contemporary Italian black-and-white geometry and with black-and-white star-studded knicker socks.